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Silicone H2FT Paste

Premium high temperature silicone paste with fluoroplast

Operating temperature range -50ºС…+250ºС

Product application

Silicone 2FT Paste is used to protect metal parts exposed to high temperatures from jamming, abrasion, corrosion, pitting and thread deformation.

It is especially suitable as a softening component for assembly, as a thin lubricating film to protect surfaces in the mode of boundary friction, preventing the occurrence of tribocorrosion, to dampen oscillatory movements and vibration, as an anti-jump lubricant

Product features

Silicone H2FT Paste is a synthetic silicone, fluoroplastic (PTFE 10%), high-temperature lubricant. The lubricant is neutral to plastics and rubber. This material is suitable for application on many metal substrates, including chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, titanium, stainless steel. Provides long-term protection of rubber seals. Does not cause swelling of rubber. It has high tribological properties for steel-steel, steel-rubber, steel-plastic, plastic-plastic friction pairs.
The lubricant does not have a drop-off temperature, and as a dry lubricant it is operable up to 1100 ° C.
After application, it does not dry out and does not pass moisture, a PTFE microfilm is formed on the surface of the friction pairs, in this regard, the service life of the mechanism parts increases several times, noise and vibration are significantly reduced.


Type of packaging

Cartridges 0.37 kg
Bucket 18 kg
Barrel 180 kg


Environment protection and safety

The products of ARGO company at usual operation conditions and with the observation of personal hygiene rules are not dangerous for health. The product is not highly inflammable and not toxic. The maximum conservation of operational qualities is achieved during storage in a cool premise in a hermetic packing. Avoid the environment pollution; do not discharge the product into sewage or waste water. For details of waste grease disposal, please contact the organizations certified in this field. For additional information, please contact the ARGO company representatives.



Silicone Medium

Grease colour


Creamy white







Solid lubricating additives - PTFE

Operating temperature range, ºС



Grease classification

DIN 51 502


NLGI consistency index

DIN 51818


0.1 mm penetration

ГОСТ 5346


Basic oil viscosity at 40ºС, mm2/s

DIN 51 562


Kinematic viscosity of the base oil at 100 °C

DIN 51 562




Silicone H2FT Paste
Silicone H2FT Paste

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