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 Scientific base of "ARGO"

CIG (commercial and industrial group) "ARGO" includes the laboratory certified by a state regional center of standardization, metrology and testing in the city of Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast for conducting quality control of lubricants and oils.

We carry out a three-stage quality control: incoming quality control of raw materials and supplies, control at all stages of production, final control of finished products. A quality certificate for each batch of lubricant is issued based on test results.

The laboratory of CIG "Argo" is fitted with the equipment that allows to control all the main performance characteristics of the lubricants.

That is, such parameters, as:

- penetration characterizes consistency (density);

- maximum strength indicating the ability of lubricants to be confined in friction units, to resist being thrown off moving parts due to forces of inertia and to stay on inclined and vertical surfaces without leaking off or sliding;

-melting point corresponding to the temperature at which the first drop of lubricant melts. To prevent the leakage of lubricant from friction unit the melting point shall exceed the temperature of the details in friction by 15-20 °С.

-colloidal stability — ability of the lubricant to resist the separation (pressing) of a liquid oil during storage and use.

A big range of such parameters, as anticorrosive properties, chemical stability assessment, water resistance, vaporability etc., is also subject to control.

Apart from conducting the quality control of lubricants that are already included in a product range of CIG "Argo", the laboratory also develops new types of lubricants for a full import substitution on Russian market. We are proud that a lot of lubricants not only have a quality equal to imported ones, but even outperform them in regard to many parameters.


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