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Private label processing

All processing is on our side!

Private label manufacturing means a сomplex procedures organization when the business owner does not participate in the production process and pays only for the finished product. Moreover, all the characteristics of the product meet the needs of the market.

ARGO company specializes in the production of full cycle greases. It takes 1-4 weeks from the approval of the request to the shipment of products under its own brand.

What our client gets


You get a lot of advantages by ordering greases of your own brand made on the technological basis of ARGO at our factory:

  • Full compliance with technology and product quality control

  • Certificate-confirmed by a certified laboratory

  • EUROpackaging (tubes/cartridges)

  • Support for brand registration in Rospatent

  • Annual certificate for free technical consultations and selection of greases

  • Shipping is available from Moscow and St. Petersburg

  • The product is high-margin and meets market demand.

Production technology under a private trademark.

The ARGO Trade and Production Group has been developing and manufacturing greases for the markets of Russia and CIS countries for more than 20 years. The capacity of the plant is more than 500 tons per month. Our certified laboratory provides an opportunity to offer scientific developments on the market.

Implementing the import substitution program since 2006, we have accumulated more than 200 solutions for replacing imported analogues with ARGO brand greases. Due to the presence of a powerful scientific and technical base, we share with businessmen the opportunity to produce high-margin goods needed by the market.

We have already produced so many kilograms for contract production:



Join a large number of our satisfied customers

Six steps to get a branded grease

  1. Choose a grease from our standard range or ask us to develop the composition you are interested in.
  2. Choose the color of the grease.
  3. Choose the package.
  4. Send the design requirements or a ready-made label layout.
  5. Production
  6. It's only been 4 weeks, and the new product brings you profit.

How to order 

Send us an email request to or fill out the order form below



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Full out the form, enter contact details, select the product and packaging. With you as soon as our manager.

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